What We Do

The Aligned Intermediary (AI) is an investment advisory group created to help
long-term investors (LTIs) — sovereign funds, pension funds, endowments, financial institutions, insurance companies, family offices, and foundations — channel significant amounts of institutional capital into climate infrastructure investments including clean energy, water infrastructure, and
waste-to-value projects.

To date, seven LTI’s have committed to deploy over a billion dollars of capital through
AI-identified transactions.


Current Partners

Members include:

University of California Regents (university endowment)

New Zealand Superannuation Fund (sovereign wealth fund)

TIAA Global Asset Management (financial services group)

OPTrust (pension fund)

Tamarisc (single family office)

Our Approach

Our mission is to guide LTIs around all levels of capital investment in the climate infrastructure space; early-stage, growth and project finance.

We source, screen, conduct due diligence, and structure transactions that satisfy specific goals related to risk-adjusted financial rates of return for our LTIs. We also assist in deal monitoring and facilitating post-close value creation for the life of an investment.

Importantly, we are not actively seeking to compete with existing banks or asset managers. To the contrary, we believe there are attractive investment opportunities that are not being ‘banked’ due to difficulties around scale, time horizon, and the mis-pricing of risks in the marketplace. As such, we tap our vast global network to facilitate investments in, and be a matchmaker for, the very best opportunities meeting our LTI partner requirements.


  1. Source Deals
  2. Due Diligence of projects and companies
  3. Structure Deals
  4. Monitor Deals (portfolio/asset management)
  5. Research & Analytics
  6. Fiduciary management services

The AI Advantage

The AI is unlike all other intermediaries in the climate infrastructure space. Specifically, we:

  • Serve as a shared platform to LTIs, greatly minimizing the resource requirements they face when contemplating direct investment programs, especially in the complex areas of climate infrastructure projects and companies.
  • Operate as a fully ‘honest broker,’ with staff compensation delinked from one-off and time horizon transactions, instead oriented towards long-term value creation.


Why Now

The IEA estimates that than an additional $40 trillion will need to be invested across the globe over the next 35 years to rebuild and decarbonize the global energy system in order to keep global temperatures from rising more than 2 degrees Celcius.

Participation by the global community of long-term investors, which command more than $80 trillion of investable capital according to the OECD, is essential to achieve that target.

The AI believes there is a tremendous financial opportunity to be had in meeting this urgent need now and over the long term.

Our Team

We are currently in the process of building out the full AI staff.

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